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Why Having a Proper Massage Therapist Improves Wellbeing

Why Having a Proper Massage Therapist Improves Wellbeing

Getting a massage is possibly one of the most relaxing experiences that a person can have. Having knowledgeable hands work your muscles and joints helps soothe away the tension from both your body and mind. Numerous medical studies have also shown that regular massage therapy is beneficial to one’s health and wellbeing.

There are a lot of establishments that offer massage therapy in a myriad of forms, but be smart about making your choice. In order to get all the benefits of this treatment, you should go to a proper Maple Ridge Massage therapist who has been trained to give clients the best possible service.

Two benefits of massage therapy include:

1. Improvement of Your Physical Health

Your physical health is tremendously important to your overall wellbeing, and massage has been found to be beneficial for many ailments. Aches and pains, both chronic and acute, are the most obvious of these, but medical professionals recognize that regular treatment at the hands of a good massage therapist can be effective in providing relief for headaches, chronic fatigue, injuries like sprains and dislocations, asthma, insomnia, kidney problems, arthritis, and even cancer.

The immediate effects of a massage from a trained professional are also considerable. After a session, you can expect your blood circulation to have improved, as the motions will lower your heart rate and decrease blood pressure, thus allowing blood to flow smoothly to all your organs and improving the way they function.
2. Stress Relief and Removal of Anxiety

Practically any massage will help relieve stress and remove anxiety temporarily, but those administered by a professional therapist will have long-lasting effects. For a start, the relaxation induced by their expert techniques will help you achieve the peace of mind you need in order to perform your daily tasks without being worn down by the daily grind. They will also enable you to sleep easily and deeply, which will be great for both your mental and emotional health.

Regular sessions with an experienced professional will also increase the level of serotonin in your brain. This is a hormone that naturally combats the negative effects of stress and depression — it is, basically, a hormone that helps you feel happy and content. Combined with the sense of human connection you receive from the therapist’s touch, this will truly improve your quality of life if you have been experiencing unusually high levels of anxiety.

Massage Therapy in Maple Ridge

Fortunately for those living in the Maple Ridge area, Kinetic Physiotherapy has an excellent registered massage therapist who has ample experience in the field. Contact us today to make an appointment for any of the various massage services that they have to offer, and entrust physical and emotional wellbeing in their expert therapists’ hands.